Let Them Marinate: A Max Fried Story

Previous Next Let Them Marinate: A Max Fried Story​ N.A. Holmes II October 24, 2020 I want to share a personal story of a current MLB pitcher named Max Fried. If you are watching the 2020 MLB playoffs, you know who I am writing about. If you are uninterested in this current COVID-impacted season or […]

Coach Howie; Never Regret Being Different

I have been thinking about this all day today.  I woke up at my normal 5:30 am. I usually don’t look at my phone for the first hour as I focus on my morning routine. For some reason, I checked it and saw a text from my original ‘brother from another mother,”, Jay Hill. Jay […]

Identifying the Differences In Latin and U.S. Players

THE QUESTION I was recently asked a question in regards to scouting in Latin America. “Do you look at those players differently than the kids from the U.S?” I was reminded immediately of the first time I actually scouted in the Dominican Republic while attending MLB Scout School in 2010. There was something that I […]

A Story About the Young, Eager Christian Yelich

A Story About the Young, Eager Christian Yelich (Photo via the Flickr Creative Commons, thanks to Ian D’Andrea) I tell this story every chance I get to be in front of aspiring baseball players and coaches of all ages. As coaches, we say things all the time that get repeated over and over again, especially when […]