What is Mindset Coaching?

Often referred to as mental performance, mental conditioning, or mental skills training.


Essential R.E.P.S.

Includes a CoachNow online subscription with a monthly Zoom Coaching call check-in with swing analysis & and Drill Plan to keep you on track in the absence of in-person instruction.

Complete R.E.P.S.

All of the services in Essential R.E.P.S. plus two monthly Zoom Coaching calls, Baseline Metric Testing and one add-on program from Coach Holmes’ Training Center.

Choose Your Program

"The best players always find a way to train no matter what the landscape is. They adapt and overcome any adversity with no excuses."
Nick Holmes
Professional Coach & Scout
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Competitive R.E.P.S.

All of the services in the Complete R.E.P.S. plus a weekly Zoom Coaching call and an additional add-on program from Coach Holmes’ Training Center. This will set you up with everything you need to complete your year-round training.

College Prep R.E.P.S.

This program is for serious Student/Athletes ONLY! If you have the grades, athletic ability and commitment to do whatever it takes to find the “Right Fit” for college!