Technology & Analytics

“In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.”

– Lou Holtz –

Love It or Hate It, technology isn't going anywhere!

It is essential to incorporate it in your gameplan by establishing a current "baseline" of your objective metrics.

Tracking key elements of your progress along with your daily physical and mental training will improve your overall skill set faster and more efficiently.


Bat Speed - How quick is your barrel to the ball?
Average 56%
On Plane Efficiency - How efficient is your path to the ball?
Below Average 39%
Attack Angle - Where are you making contact on the ball?
Above Average 72%

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You don’t get better in games or team practice. You get better in between. On your own remotely or in person with a coach. Both should be incorporated to achieve the results you want.
There are three ways, depending on which program you are on, to send and receive video feedback. 1.) Coach Now App 2.) Blast Motion App 3.) Pocket Radar App.
You do not need an expensive fancy DSLR camera. Any smartphone camera or camcorder will work. A tripod is also highly recommended.
Blast Motion Sensor or Pocket Radar Smart Coach, are available for purchase at a lower than retail cost. Both pieces of technology are worth the investment if you are serious about getting better. If you are not ready to purchase..You can borrow mine. ; ) Once you have completed your baseline testing you will return the unit.
Absolutely. The set up is simple and only takes 2 mins. After one or two times you will have it down. There is a video that explains the set up step by step.
Put it behind you and keep moving forward. There are no “do overs” it is up to you to stay on track each week with the program that you committed to.
Private lessons are 45 min in duration. They must be booked and/or cancelled within 24 hrs of scheduled time. Lessons are non-transferable and non-refundable.
You will learn how to adopt a “neutral mindset” that allows you to stay in the present moment and focus on the task at hand. Learning how to stay grounded by not getting too high or too low is key to being mentally prepared for an entire game. The habits and lessons learned in this program will prepare you for life a lot more than baseball.
Having at batting tee and a net or sheet hung up to catch the balls is the only thing recommended. You do not need any other special equipment.